P90X workout – p90x rocks!

Posted on 20. Jul, 2012 by in Before and After

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Check out these amazing results consolidated into a 2-minute montage.

User / Network: P90XBringIt / YouTube
Original Video Post Date: December 31, 2007
Video Description: WATCH THIS VIDEO! My 90 day P90X workout in 2 minutes. SO glad to have finished.
I’m just a normal guy who decided to give this a try. It was so worth it. I got believable results, I didn’t turn into Arnold or anything but I think I put in honest effort and got honest reults. You can do this too!
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One Response to “P90X workout – p90x rocks!”

  1. Darren

    20. Jul, 2009

    Those are awesome results, keep it up!!

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