P90X Plyometrics

Posted on 31. Jul, 2012 by in Plyometrics

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Plyometrics is a rigorous P90X cardio jumping program which tests and pushes your endurance. This video takes you through the most challenging parts of a Plyo session.

User / Network: SWmang / YouTube
Original Video Post Date: March 12, 2009
Video Description: Clip of the toughest segment from the P90X plyos workout: jump-knee-tuck, leap-frog squat. Some buddies of mine have been asking for this…this is me after a few rounds of the X. You can see Dom on the TV screen to get an idea of my pace. My heart rate peaked at 191 after the JKT. LOL, should have seen me in week 1, round 1. Get your mind right…do your best and forget the rest.


2 Responses to “P90X Plyometrics”

  1. Elcoj

    28. Jul, 2009

    Thanks, i enjoyed it. If you’re just starting p90x, in how good of a shape do you need to be in for plyo?

  2. master p90x

    15. Feb, 2010

    LOL the only reason the videos only 2 minutes long is because the guys doing plyometrics are totally wrong haha…. you don’t want to be loud when you come down from the jump…. you want to be as quiet as possible which works your legs more… and for reps you’re just killing yourself which is the reason the videos only 2 minutes long cuz he can’t do anymore cuz he did the whole thing wrong.. and elcoj you can be in any shape to do p90x just adjust the reps for your fitness level

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